Bosch Universal Plus Meat Grinder

Bosch Universal Plus Meat Grinder



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 The Bosch Universal Meatgrinder is one of our most popular attachments.  The meat grinder is designed to fit all Bosch Universal stand mixer/kitchen machines whose model numbers begin with UM3, MUM 6, MUM 7, and MEK 7, including our new Universal Plus models. This attachment will easily grind up raw or cooked meat, poultry, and fish, and will also grate vegetables and cheese.  It does a wonderful job on dog food.   It is made of metal and real durable polycarbonate and comes with a stainless-steel 4-prong cutter blade and a disk with 0.18-inch (4.5-millimeter) perforations. The 4.5-mm disk does a great job of meats and relishes and a variety of other recipes like our cheese log and even our wonderful sugar plum recipe.  The grinder's plastic feeder tray measures  12 by 6 inches, which is great for large jobs, and the accompanying plastic stuffer is 9 inches long. The meat grinder is capable of processing up to 4 pounds (1.9 kilograms) per minute. It easily disassembles for cleaning.  Our hunters love it for grinding up their game meat.

 If you own a Bosch Universal Kitchen Machine that is older than the Universal Plus, you may want to order the shorter leg to switch it out for the longer leg that is on this model. 

Also available for fitting onto the meat grinder are the following Bosch accessories: the 2-mm, 3-mm, 6-mm, and 8-mm disks (round holes; 2- & 3-mm disks make great nut butter, 8-mm disk makes excellent salsas);  the two (2) blade cutter; the grating attachment (MUZ7RV1) for grating parmesan cheese in quantities, nuts and breadcrumbs; the pasta attachment (MUZ7NV1), which includes a set of 12 disks for extruding various pasta shapes including lasagna; the sausage stuffer attachment (MUZ7WS2), which includes a set of three tips for stuffing different size sausages; the berry press (MUZJFV1), for removing the pits and skins from berries, apples, pears, tomatoes, and more; and the cookie and pastry press attachment (MUZJSV1) for making different fancy cookie and pastry shapes. This attachment for the Bosch Universal Plus meat grinder will grind and mince meats, relishes, mincemeat, stuffings, and basically all foods.  It comes with a 4.5 mm disk for general use; other sizes (found in "Universal Meat Grinder PARTS) are available to make finer grinds for pate or coarser grinds for sausages.  The Universal Plus is turned onto rear-mounted rubber feet, as shown, to operate the meat grinder attachment. We have had butchers tell us, after using this meat grinder attachment, that it does as good a job as the professional meat grinders that they use. We have found that if you chill meats almost to freezing before grinding, you will get the best results.  This model is only for Universal or older UM3 models


Some things we like to do with our meat grinder and the blade that comes with it are:


  • grind wheat sprouts and add to our bread for more nutrition
  • make green tomato or cucumber relish
  • make mincemeat for pies
  • make sugar plums (see demo) with prunes, dates, raisins etc.
  • run cabbage through for coleslaw
  • make soybean patties
  • make our own pet food
  • make vegetable marrow jam
  • grind up gluten meat (wheat and water dough)


With some of the other discs we can make:


  • nut butters smooth with #2 disc
  • nut butters, chunky with #3 disc
  • chunky salsa with #8 disc
  • chunky sausage meat with either #6 or #8 disc.
  • make antipasto with the #14 chunk cut dice blade and 2 prong blade


You may also wish to see the optional attachments of the Meat/Food Grinder.  Click on the Images for more detail

               pastry press

4.5 MM disc 2 MM disc  3 MM disc  6 MM disc  8 MM disc 14 MM. disc   

  Here are a few helpful hints for choosing extra knives and blades:  If you grind a lot of meat etc, you may want to keep a spare 4 prong blade just in case.  Sometimes you may get a wear pattern on the disc so it is best to keep the disc and blade together as a set.  You can use the same knife on all the blades though.  If you want to do a really chunky cut than switch to the 2 prong blade.  Along with the 13 mm. square hole disc, the 2 prong blade makes great antipasta relish.  We welcome any question you may have so feel free to contact us and we will be glad to help you.  TIP:  Chilled meats will grind the best. 



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