RPM Smart Blend by L'Equip

RPM Smart Blend by L'Equip



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Protein shakes and healthy green smoothies--HERE I COME!   This new, powerful, RPM Smart Blend blender will out-perform any competitors on the market and it is blue-tooth enabled as well to operate from the Smart/app.  With this built-in wireless connectivity, your blender can evolve with the latest innovations and advancements.  Variable Speed control, pulse button, and built-in digital timer give you precise texture control for making anything from making smoothies, grinding flour or making ice cream.  With 6 strategically designed stainless steel knives on the blades, you can pulverize anything in it's way for superior blending results.  L'Equips new custom-built brush less DC motor has more power, runs cooker, and will outlast any of it's competitors.  6 automatic settings include Juices, Sauce, Hot Drinks, Smoothie, and Ice Cream.  The speed will vary for some of these programmed cycles.  For example the juice setting will start slow, speed up a little , slow down again and then go onto a high speed,  This way it gets the veggies moving and they don't get stuck at the bottom or under the blades.  You can also program your own times and speeds to make up your own program for your own special recipe.  The DIY selection is pre-programmed for shaved ice.  

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Included: L'Equip RPM Smart Blend, Lid with cap, tamper stick for thick mixtures, detachable cord, extra lid gasket, 8 Year Ultimate warranty, and Quick Start Guide

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See our Demo making a Smoothie and a Sorbet in the Smart Blender



- Custom-built Brushless DC motor with Thermal Protection

- 1400 watts/30,000 RPMs

- Factory Sealed stainless steel blades never need sharpening

-12 adjustable speeds for precision blending

- BPA free Tritan container has square design for added stability

- LCD display, touch screen digital display

- Pre -programmed and DYI timer

- Blue tooth enabled with Smart/app

- Detachable power cord

- Parental Lock and Safety Jar sensor

Making Buckwheat Blender Pancakes with the Smart Blender

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