Simpliss A'Tea

Simpliss A'Tea


Simpliss A'Tea - Fast Brewing Tea Maker by Zevro

If you love loose teas, this wonderful Simpliss A'Tea (like simplicity) is for you.  And just like the name implies, it is very simple to use by steeping and straining loose tea directly into your mug or cup.

  • Features

    •  Place loose tea into the Steeping Chamber
    •  Add pre-heated water and close the lid to steep
    •  Place on top of your favorite cup and the patented valve releases the aromatic tea directly into your cup.
    •  Lift Simpliss a' Tea and the patented valve automatically closes to stop the flow of tea
    •  Removable strainer prevents loose tea from passing through the opening
    •  Included drip tray keeps your counter tops or your table clean and liquid free
    •  Constructed of BPA Free Tritan  copolyester

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