Victorio 4 Tray Sprouter

Victorio 4 Tray Sprouter



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Sprout your grains and seeds in the easy to use 4 tier sprouter.  You can use all 4 trays at once with a different seed in each or just use is one tray at a time.  This new and improved design is simple to use and very durable.  The unique growing tray design uses water surface tension to keep the correct amount of water in the tray for all stages of the growing process. 

Set includes:

  • Organic alfalfa sprouting seeds
  • 4 growing trays
  • 1 water collection tray
  • 1 storage lid
  • Instruction manual

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  • Each tray is 6" by 1 3/4"
  • Sprouter can be expanded to 8 total growing trays, (extra growing trays sold separately
  • Sprouter is 8" high and 6" wide
  • Top rack dishwasher safe if removed before the dry cycle
  • Trays are made from strong, crack resistant, BPA free plastic


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